Products & Brands

Interm Co., Ltd
Established in 1983, Interm Co., Ltd. is the No.1 company for public address system, providing the integrated solution of audio, video, and communications.

IMP Co., Ltd
IMP Co., Ltd., whose product is approved as Good Product by Public Procurement Service, provides the user-friendly network balancing integrated broadcasting system capable of delivering a variety of information at the place and time that a customer wants.

TechDataPS Co., Ltd
TechDataPS Co., Ltd. is the official import company of the audio equipment (JBL, AKG, CROWN, BSS, dbx, Soundcraft, and Lexicon) of Harman Professional, performing public procurement projects and distributing pro audio systems.

SAMASOUND is the Korean sole agency of globally famous audio brands, providing a variety of services (import, distribution, and consulting) and solutions for pro audio systems. By finding and offering good products continuously, the company does the best for customer satisfaction.

UIT Inc. is the import company and Korean sole agency of Panasonic and Casio projectors, distributing products to agencies across the country and operating Narajangteo, the government’s procurement service site. In addition, the company establishes a smart business environment through smart education and digital signage.

HAYACO Co., Ltd. as an audio company provides a variety of services, including manufacturing, import, distribution, and consulting, in terms of audio devices related to conference, simultaneous interpretation, guidance, and intercom. The company presents satisfying results to all customers who experienced our products and solutions.

Dlogixs Co., Ltd
Dlogixs Co., Ltd. developed a digital power amp for the first time in Korea in order to achieve its vision ‘localization of broadcasting equipment’. The product developed with the company’s unique technology influenced the development of the domestic broadcasting equipment market. Since its excellency was approved, the company has been leading the industry.

Hanhwa Techwin Co., Ltd
Hanhwa Techwin Co., Ltd. owns the world-class imaging technology, diversifying its business areas including access control and intrusion detection, beyond image monitoring. The company play its role for people’s safety and happiness by offering services for urban crime prevention, roads, airports, ports, industrial facilities, and military reservation.

TREEM Co., Ltd
TREEM Co., Ltd. offers distinct techniques and support in terms of the computers and imaging (Epson projector) service for public procurement. The company’s techniques and products in line with customers’ environments and needs will help to lead the changing market.

Sovico Corp
Established in 1973, Sovico Corp. not only sells audio equipment, but performs a variety of business, such as cutting-edge design and technical education, consulting, and construction supervision. Its excellency and professionalism are already recognized.
  • Samsung Electronics B2B

  • LG Electronics B2B

  • Video & audio control cable

  • Wired and wireless microphone for experts

  • Camera and camcoder broadcasting system

  • Microphone for conference, simultaneous interpretation

  • Pro audio, mixing console

  • Microphone for conference, simultaneous interpretation

  • Pro AV ACC/Tools

  • Premium audio

  • Desktop, sever, laptop

  • Audio mixing console

  • Image projector (genera/procurement)

  • Image security CCTV, etc.

  • Wireless/portable system

  • Audio and power system, etc.

  • Electronic Lecture Desk, Studio System