Information & communications· Electricity· Fire fighting· Railroad
Information & Communications Design, Supervision, and Development

Information & communications construction, Software & engineering business
A/V simulation & design
Design of communications infrastructure including broadcasting and integrated wiring
Patented audio systems, and development and production

Electricity Construction, Design, and Supervision

Registered as Electricity Construction Business
Registered Professional Design Business Type I
Registered as Construction Supervision Business
Substation equipment, Distribution equipment, UPS, Batteries, etc.

Fire Fighting Facility Construction and Design (Electrical & Mechanical)

Registered as Fire Fighting Facility Construction Business
Registered as General Fire Fighting Facility Design Business (electrical & mechanical)
Installation and management of fire fighting facilities complying with fire safety standards
Fire fighting (electrical & mechanical) design drawings & documents and details, etc.

Manufacturing & Installation for Railroad Facilities / Precise Diagnosis (Information & Communications)

Registered as a safety diagnosis organization for railroad facilities
Maintenance and accident prevention for information & communications facilities
Precise diagnosis and performance assessment of facilities
Manufacturing and installation of video monitoring systems for railway stations, substation equipment, and signal stations
Manufacturing and installation of indoor broadcasting system and access control system