Audio · Video System
Audio & Video Design/Construction/Optimization

A/V for auditoriums, small halls and concert halls
- Establishment of audio & video simulation systems
A/V for lecture rooms, education rooms, and conference rooms
- Establishment of systems in line with uses and purposes
Pro Audio for Religious Facilities and Cultural facilities
broadcasting rooms and studio infrastructure

Emergent and Public Address System

Emergent broadcasting, information delivery broadcasting, and music broadcasting system
Integrated control based automation broadcasting for public and educational institutes
Use environment with stability, convenience, and compatability
Establishment of the design that meets fire and emergency fire fighting regulations

CCTV & Integrated Control System

Establishment of the system for preventing, managing, and monitoring accidents
eal-time monitoring based management
Access control and LED display
Security maintenance cost saving through indoor and outdoor monitoring

Video Conference & Simultaneous Interpretation System

CODEC based audio & video real-time service
Polycom, Cicco, Logitech, Zoom Solution
Information delivery through camera and mic. voice tracking
All-in-one (A/V equipment, integrated control, and monitoring) establishment